Retro Pacman Bamboo Studs
Retro Pacman Bamboo Studs

Retro Pacman Bamboo Studs

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Are you like me who has discovered later in life that games like Pacman that we played on our Amstrad or handheld game-y things are incredibly overrated in our adult years? Maybe its because every level looks exactly the same or maybe its because we have been spoiled by watching the beautiful specimen that is Wei Shen on Sleeping Dogs for PS4 literally capture Dog Eyes and take him to the Triad Mama to hack up in to tiny pieces.... who knows.... either way, its nice to revisit this boring classic and try to relive the glory of what video games couldn't do back in the 80s. 

I present to you.... PACMAN STUDS!

No but seriously, these are pretty great. I generally hate pixels; I associate pixels with our Foxtel Go streaming going to the dogs, but in this case they are totally acceptable! 

You want--nay-- you NEED these Australian-Made wooden studs! 

Guess we should share the finer details: they're Australian made from bamboo and are around 12-14mm in diameter and when you shove them on the angels will sing and the clouds will part in an auspicious way because you have chosen to go down the right path of coolness*.

*Individual results may vary.

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