Living in a tiny little town shoe-horned in to West Gippsland in Victoria, Miss Jessica Louise is part-time hustling chick with a penchant for creating things. She spends most of her time creating when she isn't hanging out with her faithful mini Schnauzer side-kick or her fiance who is always finding ways to help her fine-tune her creations.

Jess is in love with burritos - has strong opinions about peas and fruit in savoury food dishes, she loves to travel (but rarely gets to) and works in the financial industry by day. 

Jess, living her best life in 2019.

With no artistic-training except for that which was bestowed upon her by her late Mother, Jess, as she prefers to be called, took to creating bits and bobs as a way to feel closer to her Mums memory and to get through the grief process. After the loss of her mother through cancer, Jess began dealing with symptoms of heart failure from existing respiratory and congenital heart disease which she continues to manage diligently on a daily basis. 

Despite going through an up-and-down few years, Jess has pressed on, not letting much hold her back and uses her shop and her creating process as a form of therapy that above-all-else makes her very happy.

With over 150 Etsy sales under her belt, Jess felt it was time to take her art to the next level and transition to her own full-fledged shop. Jess is also teaching resin and acrylic pour classes in the Gippsland region. 

It is Jess' hope that through her accessories, she is able to encourage others to embrace their individuality and uniqueness. Not one piece on Miss Jessica Louise is the same as another. Jess does not believe in mass production because perfect, cookie-cutter products should not be a reflection of who we are. 

Miss Jessica Louise pieces will hopefully bring a burst of happiness and colour in to your daily life. 

Be you, be one-of-a-kind.