Coffee Takeaway Bamboo Studs
Coffee Takeaway Bamboo Studs

Coffee Takeaway Bamboo Studs

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Are you one of those coffee loving son-of-bishes?! Do you go to your local Starbucks and demand a lactose free, decaf, double shot latte with a shot of caramel and a sprinkle of chocolate and a suspicion of fart? Perhaps you just watched a lot of episodes of Ally McBeal or Gilmore Girls and thought that it was cool to walk around with a warm drink slightly resembling caffeine in your hot little handsies!

If this sounds like you, then you probably should buy these earrings!

Guess we should share the finer details: they're Australian made from bamboo and are around 12-14mm in diameter and when you shove them on the angels will sing and the clouds will part in an auspicious way because you have chosen to go down the right path of coolness*.

*Individual results may vary.

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